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Are you organising a trade show? Do you want to promote your event? Just add your trade show in our directory for free!

1- Click on "List a trade show"
2- Fill in the form in just a few minutes
3- List your trade and advertise it to qualified attendees.

Add your trade show for free

Our directory allows you to advertise your trade show without any cost.

Get more attendees

Creating your trade show page on Ultiplace is a great way to attract attendees from your area and beyond.

Improve the SEO of your website

Listing your trade show in our directory is a great way to gain traffic to your own website and thus improve the ranking of your website on Google.

Gain new exhibitors

Ultiplace directory is a great way to increase the number of exhibitors on your trade show, so take advantage of it!

Advertise to a qualified audience

Ultiplace gathers attendees and exhibitors who are interested by the field of trade shows, and hopefully by yours!

Benefit from Ultiplace's SEA campaigns

Ultiplace has positioned itself as a key player in the field of trade shows by investing in communication campaigns that you will benefit from.

Use the best technologies

Gain visibility in an ergonomic directory of trade shows using the latest web technologies

Create a 3D virtual trade show easily

Why not, in addition to listing your event on Ultiplace, making it hybrid? With our virtual trade show platform, it couldn't be easier!

Virtual trade show platform

Want to organise a virtual trade show or fair ? Ultiplace offers a quick and easy way to create your own virtual 3D trade show

1- Create your virtual trade show in less than 3 minutes
2- Ask exhibitors to select and customise their 3D booth
3- Welcome attendees from all around the world on your dedicated metaverse for your virtual trade show organisation

For the organiser of the virtual trade show

Create your virtual trade show easily
Just click on "Create a virtual trade show" and follow the instructions.

Create your virtual trade show right now
Ultiplace is the only platform that create the 3D metaverse of your virtual trade show in seconds based on the form you completed. If needed, you can modify it at any moment from your "Ograniser backoffice".

Manage your virtual trade show in real time
Your "Organiser backoffice" allows you to track the key indicators of your trade show in real time and carry out the actions that will make it a success.

For exhibitors

Select and customise a booth
Each exhibitor is invited to select a booth model and colour. The booth can then be customised to make it unique from the "exhibitor backoffice".

Suggest and host conferences
Exhibitors can, if desired, suggest to the organiser to host conferences live and replay. Each validated conference will automatically be added to the trade show programme.

Generate business opportunities
Attendees who accepted the GTU automatically leave their business card when visiting a booth. The exhibitor is notified by email of the attendees' contact requests by chat or video call.

For attendees

Attend to trade shows without restrictions
Entering virtual trade shows on Ultiplace is free for attendees. After filling in a quick form to create an account, they are invited to enter the metaverse from the web browser of a computed connected to the Internet, without any download required.

Exploring a 3D virtual trade show
The navigation of virtual trade shows has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. Just click on the screen to move or interact in the metaverse.

Interact easily with exhibitors
Each booth has an avatar that represents the exhibitor. By clicking on the avatar you can start an exchange with the exhibitor by videoconference, instant messaging, access his website, access his social networks or make an appointment, in one click.