How do you Find Sponsors for your Trade Show?

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How do you find sponsors for your trade show?

Organizing a trade show is an ambitious undertaking, requiring considerable financial resources. To ensure the success of your event and maximize its impact, it's essential to find sponsors. Sponsors can provide financial, logistical and promotional support, as well as additional credibility for your show. In this article, we'll outline some effective strategies for finding sponsors for your trade show.

Define your sponsorship proposal:

Before contacting potential sponsors, it's crucial to clearly define what you can offer in return. Draw up a detailed sponsorship proposal highlighting the benefits a sponsor could gain by supporting your show. This could include opportunities for visibility, branding, access to a specific target audience, exclusive partnerships, etc.

Make a list of potential sponsors:

Identify companies that might be interested in your trade show. Look for companies in your industry, suppliers, potential partners, as well as large corporations with an interest in your field. Also consider local businesses looking to strengthen their presence in the community.

Personalize your approach:

A personalized approach is essential to arouse the interest of potential sponsors. Research each company to understand their specific goals, values and needs. Use this information to tailor your sponsorship proposal and highlight the specific benefits you can offer each potential sponsor.

Make contact:

Once you've identified potential sponsors and customized your approach, it's time to make contact. Use all available means, such as phone calls, professional e-mails or social networks, to get in touch with decision-makers at target companies. Briefly explain who you are, introduce your trade show and explain why you think they might be an ideal sponsorship partner.

Emphasize the benefits:

In your discussions with potential sponsors, highlight the specific benefits they could gain by supporting your trade show. This could include increased brand visibility, access to a qualified target audience, the opportunity to showcase their products or services, participation in expert panels, etc. Show them how your show can help them achieve their business objectives.

Negociate sponsorship terms:

Once a potential sponsor has expressed interest, negotiate sponsorship terms. Discuss details such as the amount of the financial contribution, visibility rights, marketing opportunities, duration of the partnership, etc. Make sure you draw up a clear, detailed agreement that benefits both your show and the sponsor.

Here are some examples of potential sponsors based on different trade show themes:

Technology industry show:

Major technology companies (Microsoft, Apple, Google)

IT service providers (IBM, Cisco, Dell)

Electronics manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Sony)

Software and application development companies (Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce)

Cloud computing service providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)

Fashion and beauty fairs:

Clothing and footwear brands (Nike, Adidas, Zara)

Cosmetics and skincare companies (L'Oréal, Estée Lauder, Nivea)

Hair care manufacturers (L'Oréal Professionnel, Schwarzkopf, Redken)

Jewelers (Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Pandora)

Modeling companies and advertising agencies

Food and gastronomy trade fairs:

Food and beverage brands (Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Unilever)

Food companies (Mars, Kellogg's, Danone)

Restaurants and catering chains (McDonald's, Subway, Pizza Hut)

Wine and spirits producers (Moët & Chandon, Bacardi, Jack Daniel's)

Kitchen equipment suppliers (KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Le Creuset)

Motor shows :

Car manufacturers (Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW)

Tire manufacturers (Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear)

Automotive parts companies (Bosch, Continental, Magna International)

Car rental companies (Hertz, Avis, Enterprise)

Auto insurance companies (Allstate, State Farm, GEICO)

Tourism and travel fairs :

Airlines (Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Air France)

Travel agencies (Expedia,, TripAdvisor)

Hotel chains (Marriott, Hilton, Accor)

Cruise companies (Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line)

Tourism promotion organizations (National Tourist Office, Regional Tourist Office)

Health and wellness fairs:

Pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis)

Medical equipment manufacturers (Siemens Healthineers, Medtronic, Philips)

Suppliers of natural health products (Nature's Bounty, Herbalife, GNC)

Health insurance companies (UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Aetna)

Fitness centers and spas (Equinox, Massage Envy, Bliss)

Education and training fairs :

Higher education institutions (universities, colleges)

Vocational training and skills development companies

Publishers of books and teaching materials (Pearson, McGraw-Hill Education)

Educational technology providers (SMART Technologies, Promethean, Google for Education)

Education-related government organizations

Environment and sustainable energy fair:

Renewable energy companies (SunPower, Vestas, Tesla)

Manufacturers of green technologies (Siemens, General Electric, Schneider Electric)

Environmental organizations and advocacy groups (Greenpeace, WWF, The Sierra Club)

Recycling and waste management companies

Suppliers of sustainability-oriented products and services

Real estate and construction show:

Real estate developers and builders (Lennar, DR Horton, PulteGroup)

Building materials companies (Saint-Gobain, LafargeHolcim, Owens Corning)

Suppliers of construction equipment and tools (Caterpillar, DeWalt, Bosch)

Financial institutions offering home loans (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase)

Real estate agencies and brokers

Art and culture fairs :

Art galleries and auction houses (Sotheby's, Christie's, Gagosian Gallery)

Art and art supplies companies (Blick Art Materials, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell)

Foundations and cultural organizations (Fondation Cartier, Musée d'Art Moderne, Lincoln Center)

Interior design and furniture companies

Art and culture media (magazines, websites, TV channels)

Don't forget to always look for relevant companies and organizations in your specific field. The above examples can give you a general idea, but each trade show will have its own potential sponsors depending on its sector of activity and objectives.

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