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MCEE Expo 2023

MCEE Expo 2023 is the largest plumbing, HVACR, hydronics, electrical and lighting trade show in Canada. Held in Montreal, the event showcases the latest products, technologies, and solutions in the mechanical and electrical industry. It's a must-attend event for contractors, engineers, architects, designers, and other professionals in the industry.

At MCEE Expo 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest products and solutions from leading manufacturers and distributors in the industry. They'll also have access to a wide range of educational sessions and seminars covering topics such as sustainable energy, building automation, and emerging technologies in the mechanical and electrical industries.

The event provides a platform for industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Attendees can network with other professionals and experts in the field, learn about the latest products and solutions, and take advantage of special show promotions and deals.

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