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CIM MTL 2023

CIM Convention 2023 is one of the largest mining industry events in North America, held annually in Montreal. The event attracts a wide range of mining professionals, including engineers, geologists, equipment suppliers, and investors.

At CIM Convention 2023, attendees can expect to learn about the latest innovations in the mining industry, network with peers and experts in the field, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies. The event features a large exhibition floor with booths showcasing the latest mining equipment, products, and services, as well as a range of technical sessions, workshops, and keynote presentations.

The convention covers a wide range of topics related to the mining industry, such as mineral exploration, mining operations, environmental management, and sustainable mining practices. Attendees can learn about new technologies and solutions for mineral processing, mining automation, and equipment maintenance, among other areas.

CIM Convention 2023 provides a unique opportunity for industry professionals to connect, share knowledge and experiences, and discover new ideas and opportunities. Attendees can build relationships with key industry players, gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies, and take advantage of special show promotions and deals.

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