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Expodronica 2023

Expodronica is a trade show that focuses on the latest advancements in the drone industry. It showcases various types of drones, including industrial drones, commercial drones, and military drones, as well as related technologies and services. The event typically features keynote speeches, educational seminars, and product demonstrations. It is an opportunity for industry professionals, manufacturers, and users to network and exchange knowledge about the latest trends and innovations in the drone industry.

Expodronica has been held in Madrid, Spain, since its inception in 2016. It is organized by IFEMA, the Madrid Trade Fair Institution, and attracts participants from around the world. The show has been recognized as one of the leading events in the drone industry, providing a platform for companies to launch new products and services, as well as a venue for professionals to discuss and debate the latest developments in drone technology.

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