How to Succeed in your Virtual Trade Show as an Exhibitor?

Action plan, 360° communication, conferences... Discover how to succeed in your virtual trade show as an exhibitor.

As you can imagine, the success of a trade show booth is never a matter of chance! To ensure your success, here are the secrets of the 20% of booths that manage to capture 80% of the audience of virtual trade shows organized on the Ultiplace platform.

Action n°1: Position yourself as a speaker, in 3 to 15 minutes conferences

It may sound scary to speak at a conference, but you probably already do it regularly, without realizing it, by participating in video conference meetings.

"Speaker booths generate up to 5 times more contacts at Ultiplace virtual trade shows"

The currently popular formats are short videos of only 3 to 15 minutes duration, with or without support, which deal with a specific topic. They can be broadcast live or pre-recorded. We strongly recommend that you also make them available to the public in replay. For more tips and information, we invite you to consult the "Conference Guide".

Your action plan :

- Identify your expertise or an expert related to the virtual show theme;

- Write a description of your conference, then select a suitable illustration;

- Create a new conference in "My Exhibitor Center". It will be submitted to the organizer for validation, who will establish the program;

- Consult the Ultiplace conference guide for all our recommendations;

- Once validated by the organizer, remember to add the links to the live and replay by going to the "conferences" section of "My exhibitor center";

- Before your conference: remember to communicate about your intervention to your professional entourage;

- On the day of your conference: remind the public during your intervention that you are also an exhibitor and invite them to come and meet you directly on your virtual stand.

Action 2: Opt for 360° communication 

By creating your stand on the Ultiplace metaverse, you become one of the first to exhibit in this new dimension. Your stand is exceptional: let people know about it!

For more tips and information, please consult the Exhibitor Guide.

Your external communication plan :

- Define precisely your targets (customers, prospects...) and your objectives;

- Identify the social networks frequented by your targets (Corporate: LinkedIn, Twitter... General public: Instagram, Facebook...);

- Prepare a post to announce your participation in the virtual trade show before it opens;

- Prepare a post to show a photo or video of your booth on the opening day of the show and invite attendees to come meet you in the metaverse;

- To get more visibility, remember to quote in your posts the hashtag of your virtual exhibition + #Ultiplace + identify the organizer of the exhibition to allow him to relay your publications;

- Announce your participation in the fair in the news section of your website. If you have your own database, create a mailing to invite your target group to meet you at the metaverse;

- If you have decided to host a conference and it has been validated by the organizer, we recommend that you announce it at least one week in advance, then plan new posts the day before and the day of its broadcast.

Your internal communication plan :

- Identify available internal communication tools (mailing-lists, intranet, company magazine...);

- Invite your colleagues to visit your booth;

- Create an article in your organization's newsletter;

- Create an article on your organization's internal social network.

Action 3 : Adapt your content to your target's interests

Your virtual trade show brings together different categories of attendees, including your target audience. Ask yourself what type of content would interest your target the most when they visit your booth. The more attractive your content will be, the more your target will be tempted to get in touch with you at your booth.

Your action plan :

- Check that your Kakemono is in adequacy with the theme of the show; 

- Fill in all the "social networks" fields;

- Use the 6 slots of your PDF briefcase. Check the titles of each document to make attendees want to open them. If you are recruiting, create a PDF document dedicated to your offers, describing precisely the means expected to respond. If you're hosting a conference, add a white paper that the interested attendees will be invited to pick up at the end of your presentation;

- Choose an impactful video on the theme of the show.

Find all the actions in your exhibitor's guide or print directly the exhibitor's checklist for virtual trade shows.

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