Ultiplace V.2.3: Explore the Latest Innovations in the Immersive Metaverse Platform

Discover the new features of Ultiplace version 2.3, the Immersive Metaverse platform. Experience a new data management system, selectable avatars, and an In-Game messaging system for an enhanced immersive experience.

Ultiplace, the immersive metaverse platform, has recently unveiled its latest update, version 2.3, which brings several new features and significant improvements. Released on June 1, 2023, this update aims to provide an even more immersive and diverse experience for Ultiplace users. Here's an overview of the key changes:

New data management system in the metaverse: In an effort to improve performance and optimize the user experience, Ultiplace has introduced a brand-new data management system. This system allows for the integration of more graphical elements into the metaverse while reducing the solution's overall weight. Users can now enjoy high-quality visual content without compromising the platform's performance.

Addition of 4 selectable avatars for exhibitors: To offer more choices and diversity to exhibitors, Ultiplace has included four new selectable avatars. These avatars enable exhibitors to personalize their virtual presence and better represent their identity. This new feature contributes to creating a more engaging and immersive atmosphere for visitors.

In-Game messaging system for visitors: Ultiplace has also introduced an In-Game messaging system to facilitate interactions between visitors and their favorite exhibitors. Visitors can now communicate more easily with exhibitors, ask questions, request additional information, and enhance their engagement in the virtual experience. This feature enhances the overall interactivity of the platform and promotes exchanges among participants.

Bug fixes : The 2.3 update of Ultiplace has also resolved certain minor bugs and anomalies. Among the fixes implemented are the resolution of a click-to-move bug for controllable characters, the correction of trajectories for non-playable bots that were occasionally stuck, and the improvement of graphical elements in the metaverse. Additionally, minor anomalies on the website have been addressed, offering a smoother and glitch-free experience for Ultiplace users.

With these new features and enhancements, Ultiplace strengthens its position as an immersive and interactive metaverse platform. Users can enjoy an even more immersive experience, diverse avatar choices for exhibitors, and a better means of communication with exhibitors through In-Game messaging. Ultiplace continues to evolve to provide a high-quality virtual experience while maintaining a seamless and bug-free environment for its users.

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