What is the Ideal Virtual Trade Show Platform?

Static web trade show, in 360° or in a metaverse... Discover the different categories of solutions that offer a virtual trade show experience.

Metaverses or applications focused on the subjects of virtual trade shows communicate constantly to make themselves known by organizers and investors. 

Our active monitoring, fed by automatons, allows us to closely follow the progress and fundraising of our competitors. Their news is carefully monitored and analyzed by our team, allowing us to maintain the technological edge of our solution.

Our monitoring has enabled us to classify the market players in the virtual trade show into 3 categories of solutions, all of which offer at least a web browser experience without downloading.

1. Static web trade show experiences

These websites are based on web2 technologies, to offer virtual trade fair experiences without animation. Their implementation requires custom developments for each client, even if most of them are also based on existing software components.

The main players in these technologies are sometimes at the origin of virtual trade shows.

2. Trade show experiences in 360° virtual tours

They are based on the same concept as the Google Street View solution, well known by the general public. These experiences are based on two major technological advances, which are the 360° photo and the 360° synthetic image, generated on software such as Twinmotion.

If the immersion and the graphic rendering are much more convincing than static web experiences, these solutions have many limits : 

  • Their production costs are very high, as they are almost entirely manual and custom-made;

  • Their production time is counted in months, which requires programming the data collection well in advance of the trade show;

  • They cannot be modified once they have been created.  and are therefore very costly to develop;

  • Their navigations are often not very fluid because they use a succession of 360° images and sometimes videos that require a lot of bandwidth.

3. Trade show experiences in metaverses

This kind of experience allows users to move their avatars in a 3D universe, to discover its contents and to get in touch with other visitors or exhibitors. They each present different levels of graphics, from the most minimalist to the most detailed. As these experiences use expensive virtual machines, the access to users is limited most of the time between 10 and 30 simultaneous users per universe, which implies to be in the waiting list when the maximum capacity has been reached.

Unlike the two previous categories, there are no metaverses specialized in trade shows and conventions. They are positioned either on general public experiences or on general professional experiences (virtual office + meeting room + break room + NFT showroom...).

3. The Ultiplace experience

Ultiplace was developed with the objective of concentrating the qualities of the three types of solutions currently available on the market and limiting their disadvantages, in order to build the ideal tool to organize virtual trade shows :

✅Ultiplace is a metaverse that offers visitors the opportunity to explore trade shows with its avatar;

✅Ultiplace is a metaverse specialized on trade shows & congress;

✅Ultiplace's realistic graphics are inspired by the main markers of the trade show world;

✅Ultiplace allows you to create your event on the metaverse for free;

✅The creation of an event on Ultiplace takes less than 3 minutes;

✅The metaverse of your show is generated instantly;

✅Your event is then listed in the Ultiplace trade show directory to promote it.

"Ultiplace V2 brings a real answer to all the constraints of costs, deadlines, quality of user experience and functionality, which were holding back the development of virtual events until now."

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