Why Organize a Virtual Trade Show ?

Economical, ecological, practical, better visibility... Find out why organizing a virtual trade show has its advantages.

For several years, the phenomenon of digital events and particularly virtual trade shows, has increased and is becoming a full-fledged practice among companies. In 2021, 50% of trade show organizers chose to complement their physical event by organizing hybrid and digital versions.

The question is : why is there such a craze around the digitalization of traditionally physical events?

"A virtual trade show is not meant to replace a physical trade show but to complement it."

First of all, it is important to understand that a virtual show is not meant to replace a physical trade show, but to complement it. It only responds to new needs triggered by global issues. The consequences of the covid-19 and the decisions taken by the governments to prevent the proliferation of the virus, caused many cancellations of physical gatherings. This sanitary disaster has forced many companies to rethink their methods of organizing events and transmitting information. 

Team meetings via tools such as Zoom for example and the use of virtual trade shows to ensure their recurring events, have become the norm for companies.

In addition, to compensate event cancellations, choose to organize and host a virtual trade show has many advantages.

1 - Geographical advantages: a better visibility with no limit of action

  • An unlimited geographical scope. Indeed, where a physical trade show generates a traffic of visitors mainly from the area where the event is held, the virtual exhibition welcomes visitors without geographical limit;

  • A wider and better qualified target. When you say no geographical limits, you also mean a more diversified choice of target. If you run an effective communication campaign before your event, you can unite a community that you would never have considered at a physical exhibition and generate qualified leads beyond your area;

  • Generate qualified leads by improving your communication strategy. By working by theme, you focus your digital communication around specific messages. This allows you to improve your brand image on the internet and increase your visibility in the digital ecosystem;

  • Benefit from the visibility of online directories. These directories list trade shows throughout the year and are consulted by trade show exhibitors and visitors. By listing your event for free on the Ultiplace directory, you benefit from the visibility of the site, but also from its SEA campaigns.

2 - Relational benefits: humanizing virtual meetings

  • New customer encounters and therefore new sales. By increasing your geographical reach and enhancing your digital brand image, you attract new customers into your sales funnel. By generating qualified leads that you support through the customer pathwat, you can greatly increase your profits;

  • The humanization of the customer relationship on the Internet. By using tools such as Zoom to communicate in real time with exhibitors at the booths, by attending conferences that allow experts to speak and exchange with visitors, or by relaxing between two visits to the booths in places dedicated to discussions between visitors, you humanize interactions between visitors and exhibitors on the Internet.

3 - Ecological advantages: the advent of the zero waste

  • You are part of a sustainable approach by limiting mass travel to a specific meeting point;

  • You reduce the waste inherent to in-person events. Flyers, posters, kakemonos, catering packaging, single-use installation materials, food waste, leftover materials such as plastics, wood, metal, glass and sometimes textiles;

  • You reduce energy consumption. No more need for air conditioning, heating or high-powered electricity to ensure the quality of the visitor’s experience during the show.

4 - The economic advantages: organizing a virtual exhibition is less expensive, even free and profitable

When your show is 100% virtual, you drastically reduce your production costs. Reserving a suitable location for your event, installation and maintenance teams, staff supporting visitors, energy costs to optimize the visit, travel costs... A lot of costs are linked to the organization of a physical exhibition. By using a service provider to create an online event, you can save thousands of euros. 

In the midst of expert 3D modeling agencies, there is a free software to create and customize your online event: Ultiplace. From a registration form, this automated metaverse models your upcoming event in just a few minutes.

5 - Practical benefits: simplified organization for any type of event

  • You can cover many themes of trade shows and many types of gatherings. From business meetings to professional events, from job opportunities to future students meetings, you can reproduce a large number of themes in a digital version. You can also animate almost any type of event: trade shows, congress, summits, seminars, conferences, webinars...

  • You save time by simplifying your logistics. Putting a virtual show into production is much easier than a physical one. Where a physical event can take months, you can create an online event in weeks or even minutes with Ultiplace virtual trade show software. No more headaches with logistics, demand the best without any additional delay.

These are all reasons to consider hosting a trade show online. Find out how to run a virtual trade show to take advantage of all these benefits and make your event a success.

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