Exclusive pricing plan

Discover our customized services, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding organizers.

Go beyond your goals


Get more attendees

We will prepare a communication plan adapted to your target, to boost the attendance of your trade show.

Get more exhibitors

We will prepare a communication plan adapted to your target to make the number of your exhibitors take off.

Choose white label


Your white label metavers

You want to use Ultiplace under your own brand? We will create a domain name that suits you to host your metavers.

The showcase website for your event

Your trade show page is not enough for you? We will also create a website to your image, to welcome visitors and exhibitors of your virtual trade show.

Make yourself unique


The ideal world

You want to organize your living room in an exclusive metaverse? Our designers will create the project of your dreams to host your trade show.

The unique booth

You would like to offer one or more custom-made booth models? Our designers will work with you on their design.

Go further


Request new features

Are you missing some features for your trade show? Our developers are waiting for your ideas to make them a reality.

Your all year long available metaverse

You want your metavers to remain available all year long? We will offer you the right pricing plan.

Thinking hybrid


A metaverse booth on your physical trade show

Offer to the attendees of your physical trade show to discover your metavers. Booth + screens + speakers.

Secure your event


Organize a private event

We will secure access to your trade show depending on your needs. Password or guest list.

24 hours a day support

We will provide you a hotline for the whole duration of your event.